Project Areas

Field Research


Comprehensive data collection from soil-plant-animal-atmospheric components of Southern Plains beef-forage systems to develop and validate new measurement techniques and improve our understanding of interactive processes that influence productivity and resilience



We're testing and improving a suite of agroecologicial, environmental and economic models to develop regional maps of environmental footprints and conduct the Life Cycle Analysis of the systems.

Climate Science


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Social Science



How we're working to better understand the social factors that contribute to vulnerability and resilience of beef cattle production systems, and to produce knowledge that can inform management practices.




The Extension team works to synthesize research results and deliver the latest science-based knowledge, including outreach targeted to beef cattle producers and consumers.




Authentic Research Experiences for Teachers (ARET) offer a rich professional development opportunities to target teachers’ content knowledge and practice in agricultural sciences and modern science instruction to help students grapple with the role of agriculture in social and scientific contexts.